First Christian Church
Week: 10/15/2017 - 10/22/2017
Reading: Haggai 1 - Matthew 10
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10/15/2017 Haggai 1 Haggai 2 View Discussion
10/16/2017 Zechariah 1 Zechariah 5 View Discussion
10/17/2017 Zechariah 6 Zechariah 9 View Discussion
10/18/2017 Zechariah 10 Zechariah 14 View Discussion
10/19/2017 Malachi 1 Malachi 4 View Discussion
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10/20/2017 Matthew 1 Matthew 4 View Discussion
10/21/2017 Matthew 5 Matthew 7 View Discussion
Morning Readers: 10/22/2017 Matthew 8 Matthew 10 View Discussion


Well here we are at the end of the Old Testament about to enter more familiar ground for most of us.  This week we will start the book of Matthew and begin our journey to meet and get to know our savior Jesus Christ.

But in doing so we don't want to just brush by the last 3 books of the Old Testament, Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi.  Haggai and Zachariah were contemporaries of each of other and prophesied during the time of  King Darius, first introduced to us in the book of Daniel.  

Both Haggai and Zechariah were called to motivate the Jews who were returning to Jerusalem to finish the job that they had been sent to do, which was to rebuild the temple.  Zechariah also tells the Jews of the glorious day when God will once more personally reign over all His people.  Malachi picks up that message and reassures the Jews that even though God will pass judgement he will also bless and restore them.

As we move into the New Testament Matthew is one of what are known as the Synoptic Gospels because of their similarity.  The first chapter tells of Jesus' heritage, the second about his birth and then in Matthew 3 we skip to the ministry of John the Baptist as he heralds the coming Savior and introduces Him to the people.

One of the most famous passages this week starts in Matthew Chapter 5 often called the "Sermon on the Mount" where Jesus gives us a wealth of teaching in just a few short chapters.